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Discover Our Vast Range of Luxury Electric Panoramic Fireplaces


Luxury Electric Panoramic Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for contemporary homes. Unlike traditional fireplaces that require installation, maintenance, and venting, electric fireplaces provide an efficient heating solution without compromising on beautiful design. Electric fireplaces can transform the look and feel of any interior while providing cosy warmth and ambience. With a vast range of styles, from ultra-slim models to grand panoramic views, a Luxury Electric Panoramic fireplace enhances any space. Electric fireplaces are easily installed in nearly any room without a chimney or venting. Their flame effects and glowing logs offer the charm of a real fire, while thermostats and timers allow customised heating. Bring style, warmth, and comfort to your home with an electric fireplace that suits your space and decor. Discover the ideal fusion of form and function with an electric fireplace.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer numerous advantages, making them an ideal choice for contemporary homes. Installation and maintenance are straightforward compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. There is no need for chimney installation, venting, or gas lines; electric fireplaces plug into a standard wall outlet. This ease also applies to maintenance—cleaning up ashes or soot is unnecessary. 


In addition, electric fireplaces provide highly efficient zone heating. The flame effects and heating elements work independently, so you can enjoy the ambience of the flames without inefficiently heating the entire room. This targeted heat is energy-efficient and cost-effective. Electric fireplaces are available in many styles to complement any interior design aesthetic. There are endless options, from ultra-modern slimline inserts to grand traditional mantel designs. Materials like glass, metal, stone, and wood enable complete customisation and seamless integration into existing architecture and decor. With various sizes, designs and finishes, finding the perfect electric fireplace to enhance your living space is easy.

Bespoke Electric Fireplace Brand

Bespoke offers an award-winning range of electric fireplaces guaranteed to elevate any interior. Their selection includes three main models: 

Panoramic S

The slimline Panoramic S range is perfect for combining with a luxury marble suite or inserting into an existing chimney breast. These subtle, modern electric fireplaces blend seamlessly into contemporary spaces.

Panoramic 3DP 

The Panoramic 3DP range features Bespoke's patented LUMINTM flame technology, which offers over 10,000 design combinations. This advanced technology creates the best-selling Panoramic fire for unmatched customisation.

Panoramic X

The Panoramic X is the ultimate in electric fireplace luxury. It can be controlled via an app, remote, or touchscreen, including the latest LED smouldering embers. With options like a deep fuel bed and crackling fire speaker, the Bespoke Panoramic X fireplace is the premium choice for discerning homeowners.

Panoramic X Model

The Panoramic X range represents the pinnacle of Bespoke's electric fireplace offerings. As the flagship product line, the Panoramic X combines top-of-the-line design, technology, and customisation options. 

This model features unparalleled control capabilities. Homeowners can operate their Panoramic X via a smartphone app, remote control, or integrated touchscreen control panel. The app allows owners to turn the fire on or off, adjust heat output, and customise the visual flame effects from anywhere.

Some of the latest features of the Panoramic X include:

- LED Smouldering Embers - This new LED technology creates glowing, flickering embers that look incredibly realistic. The smouldering effect adds enhanced ambience.

- Deep Fuel Bed - The fuel bed contains chunky shards of acrylic ice and large crystal pebbles to mimic a real log fire bed. 

- Crackling Fire Speaker - Along with the visual flames, a crackling fire audio track plays through built-in speakers for the ultimate immersive experience.

With these cutting-edge features and customisation options, the Panoramic X series provides an unparalleled electric fireplace experience. It promises unrivalled beauty, comfort, and functionality.

Panoramic X Details

The Panoramic X electric fireplaces offer a 270-degree view of the flames for a truly immersive fireplace experience. Unlike traditional fireplaces with limited flame views, the Panoramic X allows you to enjoy the flickering flames from nearly any angle in the room. There are models available for spaces of different dimensions, from the compact 1250 to the grand 3000. Whether you have a cosy den or a spacious family room, there is a Panoramic X model to match. The size options ensure you can find your space's perfect fit and viewing angle.

In addition to the expansive flame views, the Panoramic X models feature impressive light shows. The LED lights and flames create a dazzling display that dances and glows. The light shows add drama and interest to any room, from clean white lights to rich amber flames. The various colours and effects lend the electric fireplace a modern, high-tech look. With its expansive 270-degree view, range of sizes, and mesmerising light shows, the Bespoke Panoramic X line of electric fireplaces offers an unparalleled immersive fireplace experience. You can enjoy the warmth and ambience of a fireplace from anywhere in the room.

Panoramic 3DP Model

The Panoramic 3DP range showcases Bespoke's innovative 3D flame designs, which add visual depth and interest. This exclusive technology utilises a specialised fuel bed with 3D ceramic logs and crystals, creating flickering flames and embers with remarkable realism and dimension. The 3D effect sets this range apart with patented technology not found in other electric fireplaces. It takes the visuals beyond flat 2D images to an engaging 3D experience. The life-like flames seem to dance and weave through the multi-layered fuel bed for a mesmerising display.


In addition, the Panoramic 3DP has a unique style with contemporary curved glass and a floating display. The curved front frames the 3D flames for maximum impact. The streamlined design embodies minimalist elegance that suits various modern and traditional decors. With its custom 3D fuel bed, the Panoramic 3DP range is an innovative electric fireplace that adds an immersive visual style to any space. It goes beyond the standard flat flame effect for a heightened sense of realism that draws the eye. The Bespoke engineering introduces patented 3D technology to the world of electric fireplaces.

Panoramic S Model

The Panoramic S range offers a modern, subtle design perfect for contemporary homes. As a slimline model, it can be easily incorporated into existing spaces. The slim and discreet frame allows the fireplace to blend seamlessly into any decor. With a depth of just 5.5 inches, it can fit into compact areas without protruding. This makes it an ideal option for apartments and smaller rooms. Despite its slender dimensions, the Panoramic S still provides an impactful 270-degree panoramic flame view. The flickering fire illusion remains immersive, so there's no need to sacrifice the visual experience for the slimmer size.

The tempered glass front keeps the flames safely behind a sleek black pane, adding an elegant, high-end look. Options for different fuel bed colours and effects allow for further customisation. The Panoramic S has an adjustable bracket system for quick and easy installation. It can be mounted on the wall as a hanging fireplace or inserted into an existing fireplace cavity, and there's no need for venting or a chimney. With intuitive controls, realistic flames, and modern aesthetics, the Panoramic S electric fireplace adds striking visuals without dominating the space. The slimline range maximises the cinematic fire view in compact rooms.

Immersive Experience

The Panoramic X electric fires offer an immersive fireplace experience with their expansive 270-degree flame view. You'll have a front-row seat from nearly any angle in the room to the dazzling light show. The curved screen provides a panoramic view of the flames that break from the confines of a traditional fireplace. You'll feel encompassed by the breathtaking ambience, no matter where you're seated or standing. The Panoramic X features state-of-the-art flame technology that renders strikingly realistic flames. Watch embers glow and dance behind the curved glass screen for a sensational fire visual. The realistic crackling fire audio feature amplifies the immersion. The Panoramic X electric fireplaces provide unparalleled immersion, with a 270-degree field of view of the vibrant flames. This makes them perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point. The panoramic design ensures the fire's beauty and elegance are fully displayed from any vantage point.


Our range of Bespoke electric fireplaces offers various models and design options to suit your spatial needs and style preferences. 

Models for Different Spaces

The Panoramic X collection has models for all spaces, from compact to grand. The 1250 model, with its slimmer proportions, is ideal for smaller areas. The 3000 model, with its expansive flame view, makes a statement for larger rooms. Options in between, like the 2000, work well in mid-sized spaces.

Design and Style Options 

Beyond fitting different room dimensions, the Panoramic X models come in unique 3D and modern subtle design variations. The Panoramic 3DP range features one-of-a-kind 3D flame effects for visual interest. The Panoramic S models offer a slim, minimalist look for a contemporary style. 

With the variety of Panoramic X models and designs, you can find the perfect electric fireplace to match your interior space's size and aesthetic. The range has options to accommodate and elevate any home.


Electric fireplaces from Bespoke offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for contemporary homes. The award-winning range includes models like the Panoramic X, Panoramic 3DP, and Panoramic S to suit different spaces and preferences. The Panoramic X line stands out with its 270-degree flame view for an immersive fireplace experience. It has impressive features like the app, remote, touch controls, LED embers, deep fuel beds, and crackling fire speakers. With stunning visuals and customisation, the Panoramic X fires elegance and comfort.

The Panoramic 3DP wows with unique 3D flame designs, while the Panoramic S has a subtle, modern style. All the models efficiently radiate heat while providing beautiful light shows. With Bespoke's electric fireplaces, you can achieve the sophistication of a real fireplace without the hassle. The range offers elegance through contemporary designs and maximises comfort with zone heating. Find the perfect fit for your home.



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