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Save with Our Denver Suite Manager's Special Discount

Denver Suite & Bespoke 16x - Managers Special
Denver Suite & Bespoke 16x - Managers Special

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Imagine coming home after a long day to a space that captivates your senses. The fireplace's warm glow draws you in, beckoning you to unwind in its tranquil ambience. We have a special deal that makes this a reality - introducing our Manager's Special on two phenomenal fireplaces that will ignite your interior with charm and sophistication. 

Enjoy a significant £899 saving on the Denver Suite Manager's Special Discount and Bespoke 890 HD+ fireplace for a limited time, an irresistible value for a modern marvel. Keep reading to discover how you can illuminate your home with the cosy allure of these fireplaces, now at a price that sparks joy.

Denver Suite & Bespoke 890 HD+ Manager's Special Discount

The Denver Suite & Bespoke 890 HD+ features a contemporary design with clean, precise lines that allow it to blend seamlessly into modern decor. At the heart of this fireplace is the Bespoke 890 HD+, an elegantly understated firebox with a widescreen format that provides an exceptional flame view. Crafted from high-quality steel with a durable powder-coated finish, the Bespoke 890 HD+ firebox has an imposing yet minimalist presence. Its widescreen rectangular shape and panoramic curved glass front give a sense of modern sophistication. The fire glows steadily inside thanks to the powerful enclosed convection system that draws cool air in through the base and emits warm air at the top.

The controls are conveniently located at the top of the firebox for easy access. Options include manual, programmable thermostatic, and app control for total convenience. This fireplace provides reliable warmth and a captivating ambience with the latest technology. Surrounding the Bespoke 890 HD+ is the Denver Suite fascia in graphite grey. It is Made of durable steel and has a smooth powder-coated surface and subtle bevelled edges. The fascia connects seamlessly to the firebox, completing the contemporary linear aesthetic. This high-design fireplace makes a striking focal point in any living space while providing steady warmth. The Denver Suite & Bespoke 890 HD+ is a fusion of form and function.

Integrated LED Lighting: A Shining Star

The integrated LED lighting is one of the Denver Suite fireplaces' most noteworthy and practical features. This innovative lighting serves multiple purposes and provides several key benefits:

- Ambiance and Style - The LED lights add a warm glow and accent lighting that enhances the overall ambience of the space. The lighting complements and showcases the fireplace's modern, elegant aesthetic. 

- Energy Efficiency - LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting. They provide bright lighting while using a fraction of the electricity. This saves money on energy costs over time.

Accentuates Design—The strategic placement of the LEDs highlights the fireplace's clean lines and minimalist style. The lighting highlights the fireplace as a sculptural, artistic focal point.

- Warmth and Invitation - The soft glow of the LEDs creates a warm, welcoming effect in the room. The lighting invites people to gather around the hearth, making the space more cosy and inviting, especially at night.

- Customisation - The integrated lighting can be customised, dimmed, and controlled to set the perfect ambience at any time or occasion.

The integrated LED lighting takes the fireplace beyond a simple heating appliance. With versatile, energy-efficient lighting, the Denver Suite becomes a true lifestyle statement and the captivating centrepiece of your interior design. The strategic lighting accentuates the fireplace's sophisticated style while creating an inviting living space.


The Denver Suite fireplaces are designed to integrate seamlessly into various interior decor styles. Their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic allow them to blend in effortlessly, whether your home decor leans traditional, contemporary, modern, or eclectic. The simple yet elegant facades feature no ornate accents or embellishments that would tie them to a particular style. The smooth surface and geometric shape make a subtle statement without overpowering the room. This allows you to install the fireplace in a setting that matches your taste and existing furnishings.

Whether your rooms are filled with cosy cottage charm, sleek mid-century pieces, or contemporary furnishings, the Denver Suite will complement the look beautifully. The fireplace brings style and warmth to your space without dictating the decor. Its adaptable nature means it's a timeless focal point as you update your interiors over time. This versatile fireplace will remain a classic focal point no matter how your style evolves. The Denver Suite's chameleon-like ability to match any decor scheme makes it a sound investment that will retain its aesthetic appeal. As an adaptable foundational element, it creates a cohesive look as the rest of the room's decor changes around it. The fireplace's versatility ensures it will retain its visual impact and enhance your interior for years to come.

Low Maintenance

The Denver Suite fireplaces pride themselves on hassle-free upkeep and assembly. Both models ship with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that allow quick and seamless installation. No special tools or expertise are required; follow the guide. 

These fireplaces are built to last and are made from durable materials that withstand everyday wear and tear. Once in place, they require minimal upkeep to maintain their sleek facades. A simple wipe-down with a dry cloth keeps the exterior looking as good as new. Inside, patented auto-cleaning technology reduces soot buildup in the firebox, which means less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying the warm glow. Sit back and relax, knowing your Denver Suite fireplace takes care of itself. With effortless assembly and low-maintenance upkeep, the Denver Suite models deliver sophisticated style without the hassle. Their innovative construction ensures enduring beauty and functionality for years to come.

Denver Suite & Bespoke 16'x

The Denver Suite & Bespoke 16'x shares the same contemporary elegance and modern design as the 890 HD+ model but offers its unique flair. Like the 890 HD+, the 16'x features signature clean lines and minimalist style, making the Denver Suite versatile for any decor. However, the 16'x model is more significant for greater impact and presence. 

The integrated LED lighting remains a standout feature in the 16'x, providing ambient glow and accent lighting. But with the larger size, the LEDs make an even grander statement, lighting up a more significant portion of the room. While both models offer low maintenance and durability, the materials on the 16'x are built to match its larger scale. The 16'x becomes a true focal point and lifestyle statement with its size and presence. The 16'x embodies a similar ethos of contemporary grace but is tailored for those desiring a bolder look. The special pricing makes it an unbeatable value for its size and style.

Modern Elegance

The Denver Suite & Bespoke 16'x exudes a refined modern elegance that feels quietly captivating. Its minimalist design eschews ornamentation in favour of clean, precise lines and an understated silhouette, allowing the fireplace to anchor a room with its graceful presence rather than loudly announce itself. Homeowners with an appreciation for subtle sophistication will find their interior elevated by the addition of this suite. The smooth surfaces and geometric styling embody the best of contemporary trends while remaining approachable and warm. It's a piece that makes a statement through its simplicity rather than over-the-top embellishments.

This versatility enables the fireplace to complement both modern and traditional spaces. Its low profile and lack of decorative frills mean it can blend in seamlessly without looking out of place. The result is a showpiece that doesn't dominate but brings cohesion and harmony to any decor style. Understated grace may be this fireplace's defining trait, but it's also quietly captivating. The Denver Suite & Bespoke 16'x brings beauty through balance and refinement.

Create an Inviting Space

The Denver Suite fireplaces transform any room into an inviting, warm space that feels like home. More than just a heat source, these fireplaces create an unmatched ambience and lifestyle appeal unmatched. 

The integrated LED lighting sets the perfect mood lighting, whether you want a romantic glow or just enough light to read by the fire. The flames dance across the firebox to create a calming and hypnotic focal point. You'll find yourself drawn to the fireplace, eager to relax and unwind in its magical glow. Beyond the practical heating benefits, a fireplace taps into lifestyle desires - bringing people together, providing a sanctuary from busy lives, and creating lifelong memories around the hearth. The Denver Suite delivers on this promise, letting you craft a space for connection, comfort, and community. 

This fireplace seamlessly blends into your design vision with its versatility to match any decor. Its clean lines and minimalist look keep the focus on the flickering flames. The result is a cosy, inviting room you'll be eager to spend time in and a lifestyle oasis for you and your loved ones.

An Offer Too Good to Refuse

This phenomenal deal offers an opportunity to upgrade your space while saving significantly. Enjoy £899 off the regular price of the Denver Suite & Bespoke 890 HD+ and Denver Suite & Bespoke 16'x for a limited time. 

You can purchase the Denver Suite & Bespoke 890 HD+ for just £1,299 on sale, including VAT. Or, opt for the Denver Suite & Bespoke 16'x at the irresistible price of £1,299, including VAT. Either way, you'll be paying far less than the usual retail value, so this is the perfect chance to get the modern electric fireplace you've been eyeing finally. With savings this substantial, your dream fireplace is now within reach! But act fast—deals like this don't last. The quantity is limited, so take advantage before it's too late. You'll thank yourself for jumping on this exclusive offer and igniting your space with elegance and warmth.

Denver Suite And Bespoke 890-HD+ Managers Special
Denver Suite And Bespoke 890-HD+ Managers Special


The Manager's Special features the Denver Suite fireplaces, an outstanding opportunity to elevate your living space with elegance and charm. These versatile fireplaces blend effortlessly into any decor, from modern minimalism to traditional warmth. The integrated LED lighting transforms the fireplaces into captivating focal points that cast a welcoming glow over the room. The low maintenance and easy assembly make these fireplaces a dream to own. With the special pricing, you can now bring home these marvels and ignite a spark in your space without breaking the bank.

Seize this chance to make a lifestyle statement and introduce an alluring centrepiece into your home. Call or visit us today to learn more about our Manager's Special and begin your journey to a more beautiful, inviting interior. The Denver Suite fireplaces are waiting to provide the perfect accent your space deserves.


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