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Elevate Your Home with Our New Range of Bespoke Fireplaces

New Range of Bespoke Fireplaces
New Range of Bespoke Fireplaces

New Range of Bespoke Fireplaces Showcasing the Elegance at The Fireplace Centre

At The Fireplace Centre in St Helens, we've always believed that a fireplace is more than just a source of warmth; it's the heart of your home, a focal point that brings together elegance, innovation, and an unparalleled ambience. This belief has driven us to curate and offer an exquisite collection of bespoke fireplaces, including our pièce de résistance, THE WORLD'S LARGEST ELECTRIC FIRE. Our new ranges of bespoke Luxury Panoramic Suites, Luxury Fireplaces, and Luxury Marble Suites have been meticulously crafted to transform your living space into a haven of aesthetic beauty and tranquillity.

Luxury Panoramic Suites: A Visual Masterpiece

Our range of Luxury Panoramic Suites is a testament to what happens when cutting-edge design meets the zenith of luxury. These opulent suites lavish your room with an expansive 270-degree vista of mesmerising flames, promising a multi-dimensional view that captivates from virtually any vantage point. Choose from the Geneva, Lazio, Roma, or Verona suites, each unique, showcasing the breadth of customisation available to our discerning clients.

Sure, let's delve deeper into each suite's unique offerings, design, and how they promulgate the essence of luxury with their magnificent 270-degree vista of dazzling flames.

Geneva Suite

The Geneva Suite is a testament to the harmonious combination of luxury and advanced design. Available in three sizes (700, 1250, and 1500 3DP), it provides ample flexibility to suit various room dimensions and layouts. Its key feature, the panoramic 270-degree view of the hypnotic flames, transforms your room into a luxurious haven and sets the stage for the most memorable moments.

Lazio Suite

Exuding understated elegance, the Lazio Suite is available in five different sizes. Ranging from 700 to 2500 (3DP), the suite accommodates rooms of varying sizes and is a staple of class and luxury. The multi-dimensional view enhances the space, providing warmth and a unique visual spectacle.

Roma Suite

The Roma Suite, with its contemporary design, brings a fresh perspective to luxury. It is available in sizes from 700 to 2500 (3DP). Its central attraction, the expansive 270-degree vista of captivating flames, offers an immersive fireplace experience, infusing the room with comforting warmth.

Verona Suite

The Verona Suite, available from 700 to 2500 (3DP), showcases a perfect blend of modern design and sophistication. The suite is adept at transforming any room into a luxurious panorama with its mesmerising 270-degree flame vista.

The Luxury Panoramic Suites collection roundup

The Luxury Panoramic Suites collection goes above and beyond traditional fireplaces by offering a unique, cutting-edge design and unmatched luxury. The Geneva, Lazio, Roma, or Verona suites provide customisation options to manifest the vision of discerning clients. Their opulence manifests in physical luxury and the spectacular 270-degree vista, which creates a multi-dimensional, captivating view, promising to transform any room into a veritable visual masterpiece.

Luxury Fireplaces: The Essence of Sophisticated Warmth

Our Luxury Fireplaces collection bridges the gap between traditional charm and contemporary elegance. Each piece is a hallmark of craftsmanship, destined to enhance the aesthetic of any home. Whether you're drawn to the sleek lines of modern design or the timeless appeal of classic styles, our bespoke range offers something uniquely tailored to your taste.

Our Luxury Fireplaces Collection: An Ode to Sophistication and Warmth

At The Fireplace Centre, we believe in creating unique aesthetic statements in your home. Our luxury collection combines traditional charm with contemporary elegance, resulting in fireplaces that warm your space and enhance its visual appeal.

Our bespoke range gratifies diverse tastes. Whether you're inclined towards modern linear designs or timeless classics, there's always something uniquely tailored for you.

Get to know our suites:

Aria Suites: A Melody of Warmth and Elegance

Our Aria Suite 700Aria Suite 1000, and Aria Suite 1300 are symphonies of warmth and elegance, where the comforting glow of the fire brings a harmony of sophistication to your living room.

Aspen Suites: An Enchanting Wilderness Aesthetic

Evoke the charm of wilderness with our Aspen Suite 700, the grandeur of nature with Aspen Suite 1000, or grasp the essence of outdoor tranquillity with Aspen Suite 1300.

Costello Suites: A Statement of Extravagance

Our Costello Suite 700Costello Suite 1000, and Costello Suite 1300 bring a dash of luxury to your spaces, turning the simple act of staying warm into an extravagant experience.

Isabelle Suites: A Tale of Everlasting Elegance

Experience an array of classical designs with Isabelle Suite 700Isabelle Suite 1000, and Isabelle Suite 1300, each narrating a different fairytale of everlasting style and elegance.

Zenith Suites: Where Luxury Meets Tranquillity

Embrace the modern ethos of sophisticated tranquillity with Zenith Suite 700Zenith Suite 1000, and the flagship Zenith Suite 1300. Each is a delicately crafted masterpiece that perfectly balances design and functionality.

With our premium fireplace collection, you're not just buying a fireplace; you're inviting warmth, style, and a statement of personal luxury into your life.


Luxury Marble Suites: Craftsmanship Carved in Stone

With our Luxury Marble Suites, we invite you to experience the majestic allure of marble crafted into the perfect fireplace for your home. These suites merge the natural beauty of marble with designs that speak to contemporary and classic tastes, offering not just a fireplace but a masterpiece that complements your living space's elegance.

The Pinnacle of Luxury: Elite Electric Fires

Delight in the artistry and innovation inherent in our illustrious collection of Elite Panoramic Suites. Each suite in this impressive lineup is skillfully designed to serve as a true centrepiece while delivering a captivating fireplace experience. Our panoramic fireplace suites are at the essence of our collection, a splendid fusion of sophisticated design and the apogee of luxury.

These exquisite suites captivate with a panoramic vista that extends over a 270-degree angle, bestowing a multi-dimensional spectacle that significantly amplifies visual delight from practically every standpoint within a space. The mesmerising display of radiant flames dances across the extensive viewing pane, creating an experience that not only soothes and warms but redefines the luxury of indoor living.

Panoramic X Series

The Panoramic X series is a beacon of modern design, emphasising sleek aesthetics, advanced technology, and a truly immersive fire experience. These suites are defined by their expansive 270-degree vista, which allows for an unparalleled view of the flames from almost anywhere in the room.

  • Panoramic X-1250: This model is a perfect entry into the world of panoramic luxury. Its moderate size suits various living spaces, providing a stunning display of dancing flames across its wide viewing area.

  • Panoramic X-1500: The 1500 model is a step up in width and offers a more extensive display, allowing for a more pronounced impact in larger rooms. It enhances the sense of depth and realism in the flame effect.

  • Panoramic X-2000: For those seeking a statement piece, this model provides an extensive canvas for the dynamic flames, ideal for spacious environments where the fireplace acts as the focal point.

  • Panoramic X-2500: With an even wider display, this suite amplifies the flames' mesmerising effect. It is suitable for large residential or commercial spaces that demand a touch of grandeur.

  • Panoramic X-3000: The pinnacle of the X series, offering the widest panoramic view. This model is for those who accept no compromise in luxury and wish for the ultimate immersive experience.


Panoramic 3DP Series

The 3DP series focuses on depth and realism, providing a three-dimensional view that brings the flames to life with an uncanny sense of reality.

  • Panoramic 3DP-700: This is the compact model of the series, perfect for smaller spaces. It offers a unique 3D flame effect that gives the fire a sense of depth.

  • Panoramic 3DP-1250: This mid-sized option balances dimension and depth, making it a versatile choice for various indoor settings. It enhances the room with a lifelike flame.

  • Panoramic 3DP-1500: This model provides a greater width for the 3D flames to play, creating a captivating spectacle that draws the eye and warms the room.

  • Panoramic 3DP-2000: This model offers an extensive viewing area for the three-dimensional flames to showcase their beauty, perfect for making a bold statement.


Panoramic S Series

The Panoramic S series is designed with simplicity and elegance. It seamlessly integrates into any decor style while offering the panoramic view that defines this collection.

  • Panoramic S-700: Ideal for smaller settings, this model offers the hallmark panoramic experience in a compact form.

  • Panoramic S-1250: This versatile option fits well into a variety of room sizes, offering an enchanting panoramic view in a balanced size.

  • Panoramic S-1500: This model provides an enhanced visual presence, making it a focal point in medium to large-sized rooms.

  • Panoramic S-2000: The largest model in the S series, this model is designed for those wishing to make a substantial impact. It brings warmth and a breathtaking view to the space.

Each series within the Luxury Panoramic Suites collection brings its unique flavour to the table, from the vast and wondrous displays of the X series to the depth and realism of the 3DP series and the sleek simplicity of the S series. Regardless of the choice, each model promises to transform any room into a luxurious retreat, showcasing the beauty and innovation of modern design through the mesmerising dance of flames.


Visit Our Showroom for the Ultimate Inspiration

Located at 44 Boundary Rd, St Helens, our showroom is a sanctuary of inspiration for those looking to infuse their homes with warmth, luxury, and innovation. Experience the beauty of our fireplace collections firsthand, and let our team guide you in selecting the perfect fireplace to meet your aesthetic and functional needs and elevate your home to unparalleled sophistication and comfort.

At The Fireplace Centre, we're more than just a destination for luxury fireplaces; we're a part of your journey in crafting a home that reflects your dreams, warmth, and unparalleled style.