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Costello Suite 1000 S

The Costello Suite 1000 S - A Masterpiece of Luxury Fireplace Design
Journey Into Elegance with The Costello Suite at The Fireplace Centre

(H) 1062mm (W) 1626mm (D) 460
Please see the link for full dimensions: Costello Suite 1000 S

The Costello Suite 1000 S is a signature piece of our Marble Luxury Collection. It was born from a limited edition concept, but due to its unparalleled allure, it has earned a permanent spot in our illustrious collection. This marble fireplace suite is an addition to your living space and a landmark of unparalleled luxury.

The Costello Suite 1000 S carves out a niche with its distinctive diagonal mantle feature, setting a new benchmark for elegance. This unique design attribute elevates the suite beyond a mere fireplace, transforming it into a symbol of unmatched style and sophistication. Imagine a living space that offers warmth and grandeur that captivates every onlooker. The Costello Suite's rich marble composition and meticulous design testify to the luxury and refined taste characterising the most sought-after marble fireplace suites available today.

Elevate your home with an element that promises warmth and a spectacle of design excellence. The Costello Suite 1000 S pairs magnificently with our premium electric fires, allowing you to craft the fireplace ensemble of your dreams. This suite is designed for those who seek to imbue their spaces with a touch of class, making it the centrepiece of any room it graces. Opting for The Costello Suite 1000 S declares your devotion to luxury, style, and the unparalleled design for which The Fireplace Centre is renowned. Let your home be a bearer of this emblem of sophistication and leave a lasting impression of elegance and luxury. Embrace the Exceptional with The Costello Suite 1000 S – Where Design Meets Luxury at The Heart of Your Home.

Discover how The Costello Suite can redefine your living environment. Visit or step into our showroom at The Fireplace Centre, 44 Boundary Rd, St Helens, WA10 2LY. Let the essence of unrivalled luxury and elegance become the cornerstone of your home decor.

Costello Suite 1000 S

VAT Included
    • App control
    • Remote control
    • Touch glass control
    • 3 Flame speed settings
    • 3 Flame colour options
    • 3 Downlight colour options
    • 3 Fuel bed colour options
    • 4 Fuel bed brightness options
    • Smouldering ember plug-in
    • Burning motion ember bed
    • Crackling fire speaker options
    • Cool air function
    • 2 Heat settings (800kw & 1600kw) 
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