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Panoramic 3DP 1250 front view

The Glow of Luxury: The Bespoke Panoramic 3DP 1250 Electric Fireplace.

(H) 540mm x (W) 1235mm x (D) 332mm
Please see the link for full dimensions: Bespoke Panoramic 3DP 1250

An Inviting Embrace of Three-Dimensional Splendour
With the Bespoke Panoramic 3DP 1250, you are beckoned into the future of home ambience. The revolutionary three-dimensional technology manifests a fireplace experience enveloping you in the most authentic visual allure. We've harnessed the grace of natural flames and crafted a symphony of light that dances and plays before your eyes, creating a lifelike blaze that pirouettes in your space, engaging you in a warmth that transcends the boundaries of traditional fireplaces.


Crafted to Your Desires
This bespoke offering is an embodiment of personalisation. With the Panoramic 3DP 1250, your vision of a cosy evening by the fireplace becomes a vivid reality. Every facet of this luxurious fireplace, from its modern lines to the intricate ember bed, is designed to synchronise harmoniously with your bespoke décor preferences. Imagine an elegant centrepiece that not only complements but elevates the essence of your cherished dwelling space.

The Serenade of Flames Without Compromise
Bid farewell to the maintenance and mess traditionally associated with a wood-burning fire, and welcome a tapestry of flames that requires no tending. Our Bespoke Panoramic 3DP 1250 is as convenient as it is breathtaking. Endowed with state-of-the-art heating technology, it provides not just light and warmth but does so with astute energy efficiency and environment mindfulness. It perfectly balances indulging in life's finer pleasures and conscientious living.

Where Serenity and Service Converge
At the Fireplace Centre St Helens, excellence is not only in what we offer—it's how we offer it. Each Panoramic 3DP 1250 customer receives unparalleled service that commences the moment you grace our online domain or showroom and persists throughout the life of your fireplace. It is our vocation not merely to sell you a fireplace but to forge a warm relationship that thrives on high-calibre service and devotion.

Panoramic 3DP 1250

PriceFrom £1,399.00
VAT Included
    • 3D flame screen
    • Remote control
    • Touch glass control
    • 3 Flame speed settings
    • 4 Flame brightness options
    • 3 Flame colour options
    • 12 Downlight colour options
    • 12 Fuel bed colour options
    • 4 Fuel bed brightness options
    • Cool air function
    • 2 Heat settings (800kw & 1600kw)
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