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Lazio Suite 700 3DP

Lazio Suite 700 3DP

(H) 972mm (W) 1250mm (D) 410
Please see the link for full dimensions: Lazio Suite 700 3DP

Discover the Lazio Suite: Your Lifestyle Statement of Luxurious Elegance

The Lazio Suite invites the charm of bespoke elegance into your living quarters. Meant for those who summon warmth complemented by an extravagant flair, this fireplace suite is a spectacle to behold. Crafted from the most exquisite stone sourced from across the globe, the Lazio Suite doesn't just exist; it brings forth a poetic symphony of grandeur.

Indulge in the Lush Nuances of Elegance

The Lazio Suite extends beyond its role as a fireplace. With its distinguished presence, it commands attention, becoming a striking focal point in your living space. The beauty lies in its intricate details and symmetrical lines, shedding light on the craftsmanship employed in its creation. The Lazio Suite isn't merely an accessory; it's an experience enveloped in luxury, transcending each moment spent in its aura to a dimension of extraordinary comfort and style.

Revel in Masterful Craftsmanship

The Lazio Suite stands tall amongst luxury fireplaces, a testament to apex design and the use of the world's best materials. Intended for those who savour the subtle sophistication and the intricate craftsmanship, this suite gives a unique taste of luxury. More than a functional centrepiece, the Lazio Suite transforms into a symbol of fashion-forward design, pioneering the landscape of alluring ambience in your home. Each feature of the Lazio Suite radiates an ode to perfection. Its definitive silhouettes infuse an elegant ambience into any room, elevating your home to a sanctuary of luxury.

Embrace a Sensory Journey

The Lazio Suite transcends the innate function of a fireplace. It harnesses the invigorating dance of a calming flame amidst the stoic elegance of icy Polar White marble, encouraging a space of tranquillity encased in grandeur. The Lazio Suite is thus not just a fireplace; it's a sensory experience that breathes an enchanting allure, rejuvenating your surroundings.

Uphold Your Style

Choosing the Lazio Suite means more than just selecting a fireplace. It's a proclamation of a lifestyle that resonates with elegance, sophistication, and the unapologetically extraordinary. This suite symbolizes your commitment to quality and aesthetic appeal that echoes through time.

Lazio Suite 700 3DP

PriceFrom £2,698.00
VAT Included
    • App control
    • Remote control
    • Touch glass control
    • 3 Flame speed settings
    • 3 Flame colour options
    • 3 Down light colour options
    • 3 Fuel bed colour options
    • 4 Fuel bed brightness options
    • Smouldering ember plug-in
    • Burning motion ember bed
    • Crackling fire speaker options
    • Cool air function
    • 2 Heat settings (800kw & 1600kw)
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