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Panoramic 3DP Range

Our Panoramic 3DP fires promise not just warmth but a visual journey. The expansive 270-degree panorama of lifelike flames and embers transports you into tranquillity, turning a simple room into a luxurious retreat. Each model, whether the compact allure of the 3DP 700 or the commanding presence of the 3DP 2000, is meticulously designed to provide a multi-dimensional view that captivates from virtually every angle. Revel in the intricacy of our Panoramic fireplace suites, where cutting-edge design melds with the pinnacle of opulence, extending an invitation to indulge in the art of flame. Offering more than just a fire, the Panoramic 3DP suite becomes the centrepiece of your living space, a breathtaking work of art that entices conversations and ignites the imagination. Customers can also visit our showroom for inspiration and explore how the Panoramic 3DP series can redefine the idea of a fireplace in your home. Each fire in our collection is more than an appliance; it's a symphony of luxury, warm comfort, and architectural elegance—ready to elevate every moment within its glow.

Select One Of Our Panoramic 3DP Electric Fires.

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