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Panoramic X Range

Our Panoramic X fires break through the boundaries of traditional fireplace design by offering a breathtaking 270-degree view of vibrant, dancing flames. This multi-dimensional display allows for an unrivalled visual performance that can be admired from nearly every angle of your room. The collection includes several models catering to various spatial needs and aesthetic preferences, each one promising an unmatched blend of performance, beauty, and immersive viewing experience. Choose from models like the compact Panoramic X 1250 or the grandiose Panoramic X 3000 to best resonate with your room's dimensions. Alternatively, feast your eyes on the Panoramic 3DP series, featuring unique three-dimensional designs, or discover the Panoramic S series for a subtle, modern touch. Each model from our Panoramic X range showcases an impressive light show and efficiently radiates heat, enhancing comfort while maintaining sophistication.

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