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The Tiger Cub Stove

Exuding a timeless elegance through its design, this piece lends a sense of delightful charm to any setting, while enhancing it with an understated sense of sophistication.

A main feature of the Tiger Cub, delighting homeowners everywhere, is its generously proportioned viewing window. This thoughtful detail allows you to fully appreciate the entrancing dance of the flames as they breathe warmth and comfort into your living space. Imagine snowy evenings spent in the mesmerising glow of firelight, or spring afternoons where the flicker of flames accompanies the pattering of rain against the windows – moments of utter relaxation and a sense of homely bliss, all possible with the Tiger Cub.

Designed to add a sense of simplicity to its sophisticated nature, we have also thoughtfully included the cutting-edge air wash system into the Tiger Cub. Expertly engineered to keep your viewing window spotless and soot-free, it ensures nothing comes between you and your captivating view of the cascading flames.

Step into The Fireplace Centre St Helens – either from the comfort of your own home via our online catalogue or at our elegantly appointed showroom – and discover the Tiger Cub for yourself. Experience the warm embrace of its traditional design, coupled with the practicality of modern innovation, promising a fireplace that not only adorns your home, but also serves as the heart of it.

The Tiger Cub Stove

VAT Included
    EFFICIENCY: Up to 81%
    FUEL TYPE: Multifuel*

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