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Soria Fireplace Chamber

Soria Fireplace Chamber


The Soria Chamber captures the rustic charm of its namesake, depicting an old-world aesthetic with a modern touch. This fireplace chamber is more than just an element in your home; it manifests your style, a conversation starter that adds a unique character to your abode.

Endowed with the versatility to complement a wide selection of stoves — from the nostalgic crackle of wood-burning stoves to the ultra-modern, efficient electric stoves — the Soria Fireplace Chamber effortlessly enhances the essence of your hearth.

At The Fireplace Centre St Helens, our commitment to your satisfaction is mirrored in the products we craft and your journey with us. Whether you wish to browse our carefully curated range online or immerse yourself in the warmth of our showroom, we are dedicated to offering an enjoyable discovery of our offerings.

Soria Fireplace Chamber

VAT Included
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