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Roma Suite 2500 X

Roma Suite 2500 X

(H) 937mm (W) 2800mm (D) 406mm
Please see the link for full dimensions: Roma Suite 2500 X

Introducing The Roma Suite 2500 X The Quintessence of Italian Elegance

The Fireplace Centre St Helens is sophistication and warmth that blend seamlessly with the introduction of The Roma Suite 2500 X. Inspired by the heart of Italian artistry, this fireplace suite embodies a design philosophy that integrates timeless elegance with modern functionality. The Roma Suite is more than a mere addition to your space — it is a celebration of the unmatched craftsmanship that is a testament to the luxury and bold aesthetic statements inherent in Italian design.

Create a Bold Signature with The Roma Suite 2500 X

The Roma Suite 2500 X commands attention and captivates the senses. The convergence of these two exquisite materials provides a stunning fireplace that is striking and serene, offering a unique ambience unparalleled in charm and grace. The suite's attractive design exudes a warm invitation, with lines that reflect meticulous attention to detail, evoking the splendour of Italian architecture. The Roma Suite 2500 X isn't just a source of physical warmth; it offers a warm embrace to the very soul of your abode, ensuring that its artistic expression becomes the cornerstone of your living space's aesthetic.

Redefine Your Space with a Symphony of Style

The Roma Suite 2500 X transforms any room into a place of luxurious repose and theatrical flair. Within its embrace, every moment is amplified into a lavish experience; it's where the fire's gentle crackle and the marble's grandeur orchestrate a symphony of style. Each element, crafted with ardent precision, celebrates the artistry and allure of Italian sophistication, making the Roma Suite 2500 X an an irresistible centrepiece in your home. Whether you seek to create a sanctuary of peace or a magnificent backdrop for life's moments, The Roma Suite 2500 X is a transcendent choice. Offering a fireplace and a piece of Italy's rich artistic legacy, this suite becomes your statement in a lineage of timeless design. Discover the epitome of Italian finesse with The Roma Suite 2500 X — where style, design, and the essence of a culture's elegance are captured in the radiant flame of your home's hearth.

Roma Suite 2500 X

VAT Included
    • App control
    • Remote control
    • Touch glass control
    • 3 Flame speed settings
    • 3 Flame colour options
    • 3 Down light colour options
    • 3 Fuel bed colour options
    • 4 Fuel bed brightness options
    • Smouldering ember plug-in
    • Deep fuel bed
    • Crackling fire speaker options
    • Cool air function
    • 2 Heat settings (800kw & 1600kw)
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