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Rochester 5 Chrome Door Trim

The Rochester 5 Mk2 Multifuel Stove: A Song of Graceful Warmth and Exquisite Efficiency

The Fireplace Centre St Helens welcomes you to savour the visual feast of the Rochester 5 Mk2 Multifuel stove. Earned an 'A' rating for its lustrous energy performance, this craft of warmth is 81.3% efficient. The delicately proportioned silhouette of the Rochester nestles perfectly within the intimate confinements of small and medium-sized rooms. Elevated by elegant cast iron elements, the grace of this stove lies in its meticulously curved door, complete with a tasteful chrome trim that adorns its frame.

The cornice-styled bevelled edge emulates a decorative hat on this functional jewel, strengthening its chic credentials. Grounded in its robust base legs, the Rochester adds a dreamy contrast with its large viewing window. Watch the lively dance of flames while surrendering to 4.9kWs of substantial, fuel-efficient heating that transforms your home into a snug haven.

In our commitment to your satisfaction, each Rochester stove benefits from a reassuring 10-year Guarantee and affirms full compliance with the notable Eco design directive and exceptional EU standards. Our endeavour towards the environment is just as passionate as our determination for your comfort. These crafty stoves are highly efficient eco-champions, offering clean-burning, low emission heating that marries comfort and responsibility seamlessly.

Notably rated Energy Class A and fully approved by the HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme, this lovely model meets the most stringent emissions criteria, outperforming the current standards within UK Smoke Control Areas with a victorious 50% improvement on particulate emissions.

Our Multifuel stoves, like the Rochester 5 Mk2, are cleverly fashioned with a built-in cast iron raised grate, ensuring a direct flow of combustion air beneath the fuel source for effective and efficient burning. A removable ashpan makes ash removal simple from beneath the grate, simplifying maintenance to enrich your experience.

We recommend a romance between your stove and natural hardwood logs or our array of approved smokeless fuels for the ultimate burn cleanliness and efficiency. However, the Rochester, much like the diverse Portway Multifuel stoves, is quite the flexible charmer capable of burning various fuels, including anthracite, peat briquettes and other mineral fuels.

We invite you to visit The Fireplace Centre St Helens through our online catalogue's soothing digital landscape or enter our showroom's delicate warmth. Whether online or in-person, the Rochester 5 Mk2 sits poised, ready to add a touch of elegant warmth to your cherished home.

Rochester 5 Chrome Door Trim

VAT Included
    • 5mm thick steel body
    • Cast Iron curved door, stovetop, base feet and grate
    • Extra Large viewing window
    • Simple operating controls
    • Slim depth installation
    • Tertiary air supply
    • Clean glass airwash system
    • Large easy-carry ashpan
    • Takes log lengths up to 250mm (10”)
    • 125mm (5”) top or rear flue connection
    • Approved to standard BS EN 13240
    • DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt
    • EU Clean Stove Standard
    • Weight - 87kg
  • Flue Type Brick ChimneyPre-Fabricated Flue
    Fuel Types Multifuel
    Direct Heat Output 4.9kW
    Useful Energy Efficiency 81.3%
    Flue Outlet 125mm (5") (Top or Rear)
    Maximum Log Length 250mm/10"
    Ventilation Required 1100mm²
    Smoke Control Exempt Yes
    Energy Efficiency Class A
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