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Panoramic S 1300 side view

Panoramic S 1300

(H) 330mm x (W) 1302mm x (D) 249.8mm
Please see the link for full dimensions: Panoramic S 1300

The Fireplace Centre St Helens proudly presents the quintessence of sophistication with the Panoramic S 1300 - a stunning addition to our esteemed electric fireplace range. With a design that reflects meticulous precision, this slimline masterpiece is the epitome of style, elevating your living space to a new spectrum of refinement and elegance.

The Panoramic S 1300: A Testament to Aesthetic Simplicity
Crafted with a discerning eye for detail, the Panoramic S 1300 elevates minimalism to an art, embodying the essence of slimline sophistication. The harmony between its slender contour and the mesmerising flickering light bed results in a design that exudes luxury without sacrificing functionality, making it a centrepiece that seamlessly complements any interior decor.

An Exalted Experience of Flame and Light
Enthralling the senses, the Panoramic S 1300 boasts a flickering light bed featuring an eloquent symphony of shadows and light that crafts an intimate, inviting atmosphere. This captivating light show, encased in an ultra-sleek shell, offers a mesmerising encounter with the traditional fireplace, redefined for the modern homesteader.

Symbiosis of Slimline Sophistication and Innovation
With the Panoramic S 1300, you experience more than the allure of a beautifully crafted electric fireplace. Its slimline design signifies our commitment to innovative solutions, infusing elegance into every living space while optimising effectiveness. The Panoramic S 1300 embodies precision engineering married with imaginative design—pushing the traditional boundaries of interior refinement.

The Embodiment of Modern Elegance
At The Fireplace Centre St Helens, we promise to enrich your lives with products that are as uniquely appealing as efficiently functional. Combining our vast expertise in fireplace designs with our unwavering commitment to quality, we have raised the bar with the Panoramic S 1300, proffering an artefact of eminent sophistication that infuses comfort into your habitat.

Embrace the blend of style and warmth with the Panoramic S 1300—an unrivalled addition that transforms your house into a sophisticated home. Explore the captivating presence of the Panoramic S 1300, along with our diverse range of exceptional fireplaces, online, or visit us at The Fireplace Centre St Helens. You are poised on the precipice of an enriched living experience. Embark upon the journey with us.

Panoramic S 1300

PriceFrom £1,699.00
VAT Included
    • App control
    • Remote control
    • Touch glass control
    • 3 Flame speed settings
    • 3 Flame colour options
    • 3 Downlight colour options
    • 3 Fuel bed colour options
    • 4 Fuel bed brightness options
    • Smouldering ember plug-in
    • Burning motion ember bed
    • Crackling fire speaker options
    • Cool air function
    • 2 Heat settings (800kw & 1600kw) 
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