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P2 Contemporary Multifuel Stove Low Legs

An Elegant Invitation to Warmth: The P2 Contemporary Multifuel Stove from Fireplace Centre St. Helens

Here at Fireplace Centre St. Helens, we believe your home deserves nothing but the finest—fireplaces that do more than heat; they enhance the atmosphere with their peerless sophistication and charm. Let us introduce you to the epitome of elegant heating: the P2 Contemporary. Crafted with a durable steel body and accented with a cast iron door, the P2 Contemporary is an exquisite piece of workmanship. Gracing the front is a large viewing window that invites you to lose yourself in the heartwarming dance of flames. Paired with its simplicity, the controls ensure a gentle, consistent warmth – just enough to create a cosy sanctuary on blustery wintery days.

Tailored to your preference, this model welcomes heat-reducing bricks into its fold, allowing you to savour the comfort of a roaring yet controllable 5kW fire. It's perfect for those who appreciate the presence of a larger stove without the overwhelming heat output.

At Fireplace Centre St. Helens, elegance meets the extraordinary. The P2 Contemporary is no exception, holding an Energy A-Class rating, a testament to its efficiency and commitment to our environment. This environmentally-conscious model stands proudly in compliance with the stringent Eco-design directive. These standards promote improved air quality by producing stoves marked by their high efficiency, ultra-low emissions, and clean-burning capabilities.

Joining the elegant ranks of Portway's Clean Burn Stoves, the P2 Contemporary delivers class-leading fuel efficiency and significantly diminished emissions. These stoves are designed to minimise smoke emissions and particulates, surpassing environmental restrictions and making them suitable for urban and rural homes.

This multifuel stove showcases a built-in cast iron raised grate, an innovation allowing air to flow directly beneath the fuel source. This results in an effective and efficient burning experience, complemented by an easily removed ashpan for effortless cleanup. Opt for natural hardwood logs or approved smokeless fuels for the cleanest, most efficient burn. Rest assured, the versatility of the P2 Contemporary can accommodate other fuels, including anthracite, peat briquettes, and various mineral fuels. With a 10-year Guarantee, the P2 Contemporary promises to deliver years of radiant warmth and enduring sophistication, embodying all that you've come to expect from Fireplace Centre St. Helens: exquisite design, unparalleled quality, and an inviting warmth you can't resist. Whether you shop from the comfort of your home online or visit our showroom to witness our unrivalled range, you're one step closer to your harmonious and warm haven.

P2 Contemporary Multifuel Stove Low Legs

VAT Included
    • 5mm thick steel body
    • Cast Iron door and grate
    • Large viewing window
    • Simple operating controls
    • Slim depth installation
    • Tertiary air supply
    • Clean glass airwash system
    • Large easy-carry ashpan
    • Takes log lengths up to 250mm (10”)
    • 125mm (5”) top or rear flue connection
    • Approved to standard BS EN 13240
    • DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt
    • EU Clean Stove Standard
    • Weight - 81.5kg
    • Supplied with Stove Thermometer
  • Flue Type Brick ChimneyPre-Fabricated Flue
    Fuel Types Multifuel
    Direct Heat Output 8.0kW (5.0kW with output reducer bricks)
    Useful Energy Efficiency 76%
    Flue Outlet 125mm (5") (Top or Rear)
    Maximum Log Length 250mm/10"
    Ventilation Required 1100mm²
    Smoke Control Exempt Yes
    Energy Efficiency Class A
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