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Kingston 56” Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel

The Kingston 56" Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel: Elevate Your Living Space with an Ode to Italian Luxuriousness

Introducing the epitome of artistic elegance and understated luxury—the Kingston 56" Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel, an embodiment of luxury that seamlessly blends into the cosy corners of your home.


Drawn from the iconic quarries of Italy, the Kingston features the revered Carrara marble, celebrated for its ethereal white finish intertwined with dreamy grey veins. This revered marble is not just a material—it's an exceptional canvas upon which nature has weaved tales of beauty and majesty. The Kingston Mantel's grand 56-inch stature commands attention, yet its refined design seamlessly complements the comforting warmth of your home. Poised and commanding, it injects a sense of character into your space, establishing a captivating focal point around your hearth.


Carrying forth the proud traditions of British craftsmanship, each Kingston Mantel at The Fireplace Centre St Helens resonates with an unwavering commitment to bespoke design and quality. Every mantel is shaped not just by the skilled hands of artisans but by decades of heritage, echoing an enduring promise of precision, durability, and elegance.


As the firelight dances upon the Carrara Marble, the room comes alive—it's veining playfully shifting to the symphony of flickering flames, conjuring an atmosphere of serenity and luxury unique to your home.


Embarking on a journey with us, either online or via our carefully curated showroom, implies diving into an ocean of unparalleled customer satisfaction and an eclectic array of fireplace choices. Every corner of our world caters to discerning tastes whilst fuelling your inspiration.


Indulge in the Kingston 56" Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel—it is not just an architectural brilliance—it stands as a symbol of an esteemed lifestyle dedicated to those who hold the essence of warmth and finesse close to their hearts. Allow The Fireplace Centre St Helens to introduce this marble marvel into your realm, etching a story of exquisite elegance on the heart of your home.

Kingston Fireplace Mantel

VAT Included
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