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Helios Eco Max Stove

Introducing the exquisite Helios Eco Max from The Fireplace Centre St Helens: a paragon of eco-friendly efficiency and enduring elegance.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of faithful stewardship with this marvel with an impressive 86% thermal efficiency and an A+ energy rating, designed to bring splendour to your home without compromise.

Crafted for the astute homeowner, the Helios Eco Max infuses opulence into everyday living. Its high-calibre dual nature opens opportunities to savour the luxuriant crackle of kiln-dried logs or the sustained warmth from smokeless fuels. Contemplate the charm of a coal-enhanced fire, stretching languid hours into comforting evenings or the timeless allure of a traditional log fire. This stove's noble heart is clad in high-quality steel, endowed with the ability to swiftly embrace warmth, whilst the cast iron door, a testament to tradition, promises to safeguard the embers' glow for extended enchantment.

Each Helios Eco Max stove is a study in meticulous design, featuring a widescreen viewing window that not only ennobles both modern and period settings but does so with a clarity maintained by a potent air wash system, ensuring your view into the comforting dance of flames remains unhindered. Resting within the robust embrace of our Helios Eco Max is the ease of a lifetime guarantee on its stout body, a pledge from us at The Fireplace Centre St Helens that your piece is sculpted to endure, to share in your family’s journey through time. In epitomising features, behold A steadfast steel composition with a cast iron door, echoing enduring craftsmanship.

Compliant with both Ecodesign parameters & DEFRA approved, ensuring your peace of mind in choosing an environmentally conscious centrepiece.A widescreen expanse flanked by a powerful air wash system, bestowing clean, uninterrupted tranquillity upon your space. Given its generous yet balanced 5kW heat output, no additional ventilation is required. The refined efficiency of 86%, paired with the optimal A+ energy rating, is for those who seek nothing less than excellence. We at The Fireplace Centre St Helens cordially invite you to an ownership experience that transcends the mere acquisition of a stove – to embrace the Helios Eco Max is to weave a tapestry of warm memories, rich with the signature of incomparable efficiency and unmatched sophistication.

Shown with stone geocast beam, grey ceramic brick chamber & slabbed Diamond Quarry hearth.

Available in Black finish.

Helios Eco Max Stove

VAT Included
  • HEAT OUTPUT: Up to 5Kw
    EFFICIENCY: Up to 86%
    FUEL TYPE: Multifuel*

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