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Helios 5 Gas

Experience the exceptional with the Helios 5 Gas Stove. This cutting-edge creation from The Fireplace Centre St Helens, meticulously designed for unmatched performance, represents a harmonious blend of compact beauty and advanced functionality. It's more than just a stove -- it's a testament to efficient warmth and a symbol of an enchanting fireside experience.

Outstandingly efficient, the Helios 5 Gas Stove boasts an enviable energy rating of 81%, placing it firmly as a market leader in eco-friendly warmth. This remarkable efficiency translates into consistent, comforting warmth that fills small to medium-sized living rooms, creating an ambience that encourages relaxation and conversation.


Despite packing tremendous heating prowess, the Helios 5 refuses to compromise on form or size. Its compact physique seamlessly integrates into your living room, delivering uncompromised performance without imposing on space. Testament to our commitment to designing products shaped by our clients' real-world needs.

Appearances do matter, and the Helios 5 understands this perfectly. Its robust build, wrapped in a clean design, fuses strength with elegance. Reflecting The Fireplace Centre St Helen's ethos, the beautiful large viewing window invites observers into a mesmerising dance of flames, enhancing the visual appeal of both traditional and modern interiors.

Adorn your living space with the Helios 5 Gas Stove, where state-of-the-art warmth matches a compact, clean design. Delve into a world where the comforting crackle of fire extends its warming embrace to every corner of your room. Let the Helios 5 serve not just as a source of heat but as an enhancer of spaces and moods, a true embodiment of our company's values. Compact in size but grand in its offerings, the Helios 5 does more than heat your living space — it transforms it.

Shown with a concrete geocast beam, Lucena chamber and porcelain slate hearth.

Available in Black finish.

Helios 5 Gas Stove

VAT Included
  • HEAT OUTPUT GAS/LPG: Up to 3.8KW/3.7kW
    EFFICIENCY: Up to 81%

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