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Electristove VR Rochester

Introducing the E-VR Rochester, an exquisite next-generation steel-bodied stove designed for discerning homeowners who cherish the marriage of elegant aesthetics and outstanding functionality. This masterpiece brings the allure of solid fuel heating into the realm of electric stoves, enveloping your living spaces in an unparalleled symphony of warmth and comfort.

The innovative Electriflame VR real flame technology sets E-VR Rochester apart. With its patented Fire Projection Technology, Celsi redefines electric stove sophistication, leaving conventional models in the shadows.

Where traditional electric stoves limit their flames to flat screens adorning the rear, Virtual Reality Electristoves compel you to embark on a captivating journey. They carry the flames front and centre, finally resting in the heart of the fuel bed. The result is a mesmerising and lifelike log fire effect, tempting you to unwind in its soothing radiance.

E-VR Rochester seamlessly merges form and function, providing an unparalleled blend of allure and practicality. Allow The Fireplace Centre St Helens to unveil the vast richness of our range, matched only by our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Delight in our luxurious offerings by discovering the brilliance that awaits you, both online and in our showroom. Now, dear homeowners, you are cordially invited to indulge in the refined warmth that only the E-VR Rochester can deliver.

Electristove VR Rochester

VAT Included
    • Flame Projection Technology
    • Tough steel body
    • Curved door design
    • Customisable fuel effect
    • Silver birch logs
    • Crystal ash embers
    • Single or dual colour flame
    • LED brightness control
    • Thermostatic remote & manual control operation
  • Dimensions: mm  H.606 x W.532 x D.372
    Heat Output 1.0kW - 2.0kW
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