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Electristove VR Arundel side view

The E-VR Arundel represents the new era of electric stoves—steel-bodied masterpieces that resonate with the tactile allure and homeliness of solid fuel heating. This gem from our collection is a testament to the innovative Electriflame VR technology, distinguished by its patented Fire Projection Technology that undeniably elevates the functionality and visual appeal of electric stoves.

In contrast to traditional electric stoves, which feature flames on a static back screen, the E-VR Arundel, a cutting-edge Electric Stove, paints the illusion of flames to the forefront, center, and rear of the fuel bed. The end result is the intricate dance of a visually stunning, completely natural looking log fire display, stirring up warmth, comfort, and the enchanting coziness of a real fire. Lose yourself in the charming, idyllic scene, radiated by this emblem of the next level in electric stoves.

Electristove VR Arundel

VAT Included
    • Flame Projection Technology
    • Tough steel body
    • Customisable fuel effect
    • Silver birch logs
    • Crystal ash embers
    • Single or dual colour flame
    • LED brightness control
    • Thermostatic remote & manual control operation
  • Dimensions: mm  H.582 x W.430 x D.389
    Heat Output 1.0kW - 2.0kW
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