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Darwin Gas Stove

Unveiling a symbol of sophistication and timeless beauty - the Darwin Gas Black. This distinguished fireplace, offered by The Fireplace Centre St Helens, is a sublime embodiment of warmth, craftsmanship, and elegance. The Darwin Gas Black is more than just a fireplace; it celebrates architectural ingenuity and artistry. Clad in the deepest, most striking shade of black, this superior fireplace is a commanding presence, ready to elevate any living space into a cosy retreat that exudes character and refinement.

At its heart, the Darwin Gas Black features state-of-the-art gas technology, combining the enchanting allure of traditional firesides with the eco-conscious essentials of contemporary lifestyles. Gaze upon the mesmerising dance of flames behind the sturdy glass, radiating a comforting warmth that fills your room in ambience and temperature. Every detail on the Darwin Gas Black is meticulously crafted, epitomising our commitment to unmatched quality and your satisfaction. This bespoke offering allows discerning homeowners like you to make an exquisite mark on your living space, integrating this stunning addition seamlessly into your unique décor narrative.

Whether you desire solitary moments of tranquillity or are setting the stage for intimate gatherings, the Darwin Gas Black is a beacon of inviting warmth. It serves as a place for conviviality, heart-to-heart conversations, and stolen moments of respite, elevating everyday experiences into moments of true pleasure.

The Darwin Gas Black is just a click or showroom visit away. Allow us to bring your dream hearth to life, offering a touch of grandeur and a soothing embrace of heat that transforms your home into a haven of luxury and comfort. Elevate your lifestyle with the Darwin Gas Black, and embrace the amalgamation of tradition and innovation that only The Fireplace Centre St Helens can deliver.

Shown with light oak effect geocast beam, olive slate waterfall chamber and Harlequin tile slabbed hearth *Concentric Flue Size (LPG model available)Available in Black finish.

Darwin Gas Stove

VAT Included
  • FLUE & FUEL TYPE                                OUTPUT (NOMINAL)     EFFICIENCY (UP TO )

    BALANCED FLUE LPG GAS                                        4.5KW                    68%

    BALANCED FLUE NATURAL GAS                             5.6KW                    75%

    CONVENTIONAL FLUE LPG GAS                             4.9KW                    74%

    CONVENTIONAL FLUE NATURAL GAS                  4.3KW                    74%


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