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closer look at the Arundel XL Wood in the living room setting

The Arundel XL Wood Stove: A Harmonious Union of Grandeur and Heartwarming Efficiency

Introducing the sublime and breathtaking Arundel XL Wood Stove, a luminary from The Fireplace Centre St. Helens. Captivating from the very first glance, this exquisite stove embraces contemporary elegance and boasts an extra-large viewing window, along with a sophisticated, contrasting chrome handle—the perfect companion for discerning homeowners who appreciate refined living and the allure of bespoke creations.


Encased within a durable steel body, the Arundel XL reveals a magnificent cast iron door and a log retaining bar that harmonises functionality and aesthetics, culminating in an awe-inspiring masterpiece for your home. This meticulously crafted stove deftly incorporates high-efficiency technology, achieving a generous 5.0kW heat output and an impressive energy efficiency value of 82%.

With unwavering dedication to your satisfaction, The Fireplace Centre St. Helens offers a 10-year Guarantee on the Arundel XL, a symbol of our commitment to bestow upon you unparalleled quality and a personalised experience. This magnificent stove fully complies with the Eco design directive and EU standards, championing the environment through highly efficient, clean-burning, and ultra-low emissions performance.


The Arundel XL wears its Energy Class A+ rating with poise and grace. The HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme fully approves it and surpasses the most stringent emissions criteria with a remarkable 50% improvement in particulates within UK Smoke Control Areas.

To truly appreciate the grandeur of the Arundel XL Wood Stove, we recommend the finest fuel, be it noble hardwood varieties such as Ash, Birch, Maple, and Oak or the lush offerings of a myriad of fruit trees. Hardwood logs, admired for their extended burn periods and remarkable heat generation, are perfect partners for this sophisticated stove. To maximise efficiency and burn time, combine kiln-dried natural hardwood logs or treat your Arundel XL to drier firewood or seasoned wood fuel after at least six months of open-air conditioning.


The Fireplace Centre St. Helens invites you to explore our enchanting range of bespoke fireplaces, available online and in our elegant showroom. Embrace the warmth and comfort of our extensive collection, crafted to cater to your every desire and imbued with our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction.

Arundel XL Wood

VAT Included
    • 5mm thick steel body
    • Cast Iron door and grate
    • Extra Large viewing window
    • Simple operating controls
    • Slim depth installation
    • Tertiary air supply
    • Clean glass airwash system
    • Large easy-carry ashpan
    • Takes log lengths up to 250mm (10”)
    • 125mm (5”) top or rear flue connection
    • Approved to standard BS EN 13240
    • DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt
    • EU Clean Stove Standard
    • Weight - 98kg
  • Flue Type Brick ChimneyPre-Fabricated Flue
    Fuel Types Wood
    Direct Heat Output 5kW
    Useful Energy Efficiency 82%
    Flue Outlet 125mm (5") (Top or Rear)
    Maximum Log Length 250mm/10"
    Ventilation Required Not normally required
    Smoke Control Exempt Yes
    Energy Efficiency Class A
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