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Zamora Fireplace Chamber

Zamora Fireplace Chamber


Imagine an evening in Zamora, Spain— the enchanting play of the setting sun casting a magical aura on the Romanesque architectural marvels, the air filled with an alluring serenity, a beautiful tableau come to life. At The Fireplace Centre St Helens, we bring this captivating scenario right into the comfort of your home with the magnificent Zamora Fireplace Chamber.

Inspired by the aesthetics of this historic city, the Zamora Chamber infuses a touch of its stone-walled charm into your hearth. Crafted for the discerning homeowner, this fireplace chamber is more than just a functional element—it is a statement piece, a testament to your refined taste.

Being a perfect fit for a medley of stoves—wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas, or electric, the versatility of the Zamora Fireplace Chamber is second to none. Its enchanting design, coupled with an exquisite finish, effortlessly elevates the surroundings, transforming your fireplace into an awe-inspiring focal point.

Zamora Fireplace Chamber

VAT Included
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