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The Verona Suite Bespoke 1250 3DP

Transform Your Home with the Timeless Elegance of The Verona Suite

Introducing the Verona Suite, a luxurious electric fireplace with sophistication and charm. With its clean, crisp edging and striking looks, the Verona Suite is a true masterpiece that will elevate any living space.

The Verona Suite is crafted from the finest stone from around the world, showcasing impeccable quality and luxury. This fireplace suite is top of its class within the luxury fireplace space, offering enough features to last a lifetime:

Panoramic Electric Fire with LUMIN™ Technology: The centrepiece of the Verona Suite, this innovative technology utilizes a full LED lighting system to create enchanting, realistic flames that enhance the overall experience.

Clean, Crisp Edging: The Verona Suite's sleek design and attention to detail make it a stunning addition to any home.

Striking Looks: With its timeless elegance and captivating presence, the Verona Suite will impress guests and become a cherished focal point in your living space.

Full LED Handset Control: Effortlessly control your fireplace with the intuitive and user-friendly handset, making adjustments a breeze.

Brightness Control: Customize the brightness of the LED flames to suit your mood and preferences, ensuring the perfect ambience every time.

Transform your home today with the Verona Suite and experience timeless elegance.

The Verona Suite Bespoke 1250 3DP

PriceFrom £3,098.00
VAT Included
  • HD LED Flames

    3 Speed Flame Control

    Soft Touch Control Panel

    Cool Breeze Function

    Easy Installation

    800 & 1600 Watt Output

    3 Year Warranty

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