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The Tiger Gas

Introducing the stately Tiger 8 Gas Stove from our esteemed collection at The Fireplace Centre St Helens. The ideal selection for the hearth connoisseurs who are fond of the stove aesthetic but prefer the convenience of gas.

This splendid cast iron creation is the epitome of craftsmanship, meticulously fashioned to echo the esteemed visage of a multifuel stove, combining yesteryear's timeless appeal with modern living amenities. It is not solely a functional appliance but a cornerstone of domestic charm and elegance.

Peer through the substantial viewing window—a veritable theatre of warmth—where you are invited to lose yourself in the ballet of flames that gracefully leap and sway within. The Tiger 8 Gas Stove transforms any cosy evening into an event of serene indulgence, all from the vantage of your plush settee or favourite armchair.

As twilight deepens and a hush falls over your home, may the flames of the Tiger 8 Gas Stove be your steady companion, offering not just heat but the tender light that turns a house into a wistful haven. For those who indulge in the refined air of a gas stove, look no further; the Tiger 8 awaits to kindle a fire in the heart of your home.

At The Fireplace Centre St Helens, your satisfaction is our craft. Whether you seek the glow of our fires online or within the welcoming space of our showroom, we promise a repertoire of fireplaces that capture the imagination and warm the soul.

Warm your evenings with the soft glow of Tiger 8 Gas Stove – an homage to tradition, an emblem of luxury, and your newest hearthside treasure.

Shown with a 48” light oak timber effect geocast beam, rustic brick chamber, and granite hearth.

Available in Black finish.

The Tiger Gas

VAT Included
    EFFICIENCY: Up to 79%

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