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Chiswick  56” Carrara marble

The Chiswick 56" Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel: Experience Luxury Derived From the Heart of the Earth

Unveiling the crowning jewel in luxury—the Chiswick 56" Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel—not just a mantel but a statement of exquisite taste and unrivalled elegance.


Meticulously curated from the quarries of Italy, Carrara marble forms the lifeblood of this spectacular Chiswick Mantel. Revered by architects and designers for its unreplicated texture and celestial white luminescence traced by faint, feather-light veins of grey, the Carrara marble transforms an ordinary mantel into a masterpiece.

With its generous 56-inch span, the Chiswick Mantel manifests an imposing yet inviting presence. It is a magnet that draws gazes, a conversation starter that needs no introduction. It is the editor of pleasant evenings wrapped in the soothing hush of crackling firewood and the author of joyful tales recounted in the glowing heart of your home. Each Chiswick Mantel carries the proud hallmark of our British craftsmanship. At The Fireplace Centre St Helens, we merge tradition with elegance to sustain a lineage of artistry bound by dedicated care and attention to detail, allowing each piece to meet your bespoke desires.


The magic of the Chiswick takes on a new life when the embers dance, illuminating the complex veining of the marble and casting moving shadows that create a mesmerising spectacle. This moment becomes a cherished memory etched upon the canvas of your home. Whether you plan to visit us at our showroom or wish to explore our offering online, both are laden with promises of a gratifying selection journey from our extensive range, underscored by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


The Chiswick 56" Carrara Marble Fireplace Mantel is more than just a product; it's a lifestyle, carefully polished, patiently waiting to make your home its dwelling. We invite you to indulge in Carrara marble's luxuriance, welcome the Chiswick, and let it stitch an eloquent narrative of elegance and quality into the fabric of your living space.

At The Fireplace Centre St Helens, we strive not to merely deliver a fireplace mantel but rather a lasting heritage of quality, precision, and an understated elegance that makes a home not merely liveable but a dwelling where every day is a celebration of the sophisticated warmth that permeates its very core.

Chiswick Fireplace Mantel

VAT Included
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